Messages in a Bottle

It’s a very romantic idea, somehow, to find a message in a bottle; you never know what you will find inside until you look: the tale of love lost on a forgotten holiday; a cry for help from a mariner marooned on a desert island; a map marking the location of a pirate’s ill-gotten treasure.

Well, if you’re strolling along the beach in the near future, your chances of finding a message in a bottle are a lot higher than they might ordinarily be. To celebrate the 500th edition of local online newspaper, 50 messages in a bottle have been cast into the sea a mile or two off the coast. Their message: prizes from advertisers on the popular online news site. Fine dinners for two at a restaurant, for instance, a day’s boating on the Bergermeer Polder, a night in a hotel…

Of course, currents may take the messages in a bottle anywhere in the world but Bergen beach, and it’s not unheard of for them to be at sea for decades, but keep your eyes peeled, because if you find one, you’re in for a treat!