All About Bergen

Tucked away beneath dunes and woods on the coast of North Holland and centred around its Ruïnekerk church in ruin, Bergen has for more than a century been a very attractive and popular place to visit.

Steeped in art, culture, history and nature, Bergen offers galleries and boutiques, fine restaurants and bars that spill out onto sunny pavement terraces; you can laze at the beach with its golden, whispering sands, go for long walks, cycling and boating, dive into a past that’s been chronicled for over a millennium, or simply just relax in the peace and quiet of what can justifiably be called the most beautiful village in the country.

Everything about Bergen you need to know and a whole lot more you might like to know – in-depth tourist and visitor information, tips and events, advice about things to do and what’s on – it’s all right here.